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Market Research & Development


Although some companies enjoy the luxury of having customers bring work to them, most need to market proactively and forecast the market accurately to optimize their market position.

Maritime Management Consulting develops market segmentation methods, compares competitive structures within the client’s industry, analyzes market shares, forecasts activity and financial performance, and conducts focused market surveys.

Maritime Management Consulting has provided Market Research and Development including:

  • Market segmentation
  • Competitive structures comparisons
  • Market share analyses
  • Business activity forecasts
  • Financial performance projections
  • Pricing analyses
  • Questionnaires and market surveys
Client Work and Other Experience



  • Underwater Acoustics: For an international maritime client, MMC analyzed state-of-the-art technology and the market for underwater acoustic applications. MMC’s research included input from both educational institutions and science-driven technology firms.


    Maritime Detection and Warning Systems: MMC researched the market, technology alternatives, providers, and economics of detection and warning systems for the maritime industry.


  • European Market Assessment: An Italian builder of small and mid-sized vessels was interested in re-capitalizing its business. At the request of the Board of Directors, MMC performed a detailed analysis of relevant vessel markets, and then used those analyses to make short, intermediate and long-term projections of revenue for the concern. The client utilized the report as part of a presentation to financial institutions and interested parties, which ultimately resulted in both new ownership and an expanded book of business.

  • Shipyard Development: MMC conducted a market analysis and economic projection for a proposed Latin American shipyard being considered as part of an overall development project for a major oil company. The work involved detailed analysis of new construction and repair markets for several vessel types, translation of these forecasts into financial pro-formas for the NewCo, and an assessment of the economic impacts to be generated in the region. The project is now under development.

  • Marine Industry Market Forecasts: MMC has evaluated and forecasted all components of the U.S. shipbuilding and repair industry, including: ocean, coastal and inland towing and barge operations; tankers; containerships; offshore vessels and oil rigs; and naval ships.

  • Competition Analysis: MMC analyzed the competitive situation in the ship repair industry, focusing on the anticipated competitive bidding for an upcoming Navy contract. The analysis included reviews of facilities, management, workforce, strategy and political position of likely competitors among U. S. shipyards.

  • Industry Capacity Analysis: On behalf of an association of ship repair interests, MMC directed an analysis of the potential U.S. Navy ship repair market on the West Coast, in light of the impending closure of the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. The analysis projected the required dock-days and man-hours that could be expected from Navy repair work. The results showed that an over-capacity situation on the West Coast could absorb the work from Long Beach.

  • Caribbean Ship Repair: Working with a major European ship repairer, MMC developed a business plan for a new ship repair facility in the Caribbean. Market research included analysis of over 33,000 ship movements through the catchment area for the proposed shipyard. Potential customers were identified by market segment, including cruise ships, tankers, containerships, general cargo carriers, and offshore vessels. A questionnaire was developed and administered to assess potential customer response, needs and wants. Competitor strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats were presented. A forecast of revenues by segment was provided.

  • European Ship Repair: For a major European ship repair yard, MMC conducted surveys of ship owners and operators throughout the world to assess the competitive position of the yard in the marketplace. The survey and report addressed quality or work, timeliness of project completion, pricing, and customer relations.

  • Port Opportunities: For a West Coast port, over a number of years, MMC conducted marketing studies to target new segments for the port: automobiles, cruise lines, and cold storage opportunities were ultimately added to the port’s revenue base.

  • Port Facilities: MMC developed a long range forecast of the demand for drydocking facilities in a West Coast port in order to make a decision regarding a multi-user drydock. The recommendation to not build the facility satisfied both user and provider concerns and was then proven to be the right decision by subsequent events.

  • Cruise Industry Forecasts: For the cruise industry, MMC provided an annual forecast of supply and demand for cruising in North America for the next 5 years. The forecasts tracked very closely over the years with actual statistics.

  • Branding: For a major European cruise ship builder, MMC conducted a market study to determine brand recognition of the company’s product line. The results showed that the company had a recognizable brand which could be exploited in the marketplace.

  • Marine Equipment Supplier: For a major supplier of marine equipment, MMC analyzed their markets and forecasted demand by segment and product.

  • Market Segmentation and Forecasts: For an inland cruise operator, MMC segmented their customers and forecasted the market opportunities by segment. The results were used to develop advertising and promotional campaigns.

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