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Business Services


Maritime Management Consulting provides management consulting services and counsel on business fundamentals.

We develop practical solutions that are specifically tailored to each firm and business situation, and work closely with client staff to ensure that recommendations add significant value to their business.  Our solutions can be segmented into the following areas:

Business Realignment


Realigning core business processes can lead to a significant improvement in performance, market position, and customer focus, by helping management respond to internal problems and react to external threats.

Maritime Management Consulting works with our clients’ staff to identify business processes that are candidates for improvement. We help set performance goals for the realigned process, assist the team in mapping the existing process, test assumptions about its constraints, and develop an implementation plan for the improved processes that meets corporate goals.

Five practical principles define MMC's Business Process Realignment:
• Business consists of Horizontal Processes
• Processes exist to Serve the Customer
• Realignment cuts across the Value Chain
• Change is created by leveraging People, Processes, and Technology
• Results must be Practical and structured for Continuous Improvement

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