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Containerships ​

As part of a capital intensive industry, containership owners seek advice on effective ship procurement and efficient ship operation to maximize their investments.


Maritime Management Consulting has assisted containership owners and operators, primarily in the U.S., since the early 1980’s.

Our experience with Containerships includes:

  • Fleet re-deployment

  • Design and construction cost and schedule estimates

  • New ship concept development

  • Organizational realignment

  • Construction litigation support

  • Ship valuations

Client Work and Other Experience



  • Organizational Structure: For a large ship operator, MMC re-designed the corporate organizational structure to match the work processes of the company. Job descriptions were developed for every management position in the new organization. The new structure was implemented over a period of two years.
  • Containership Construction: For a containership operator, MMC performed parametric cost estimates for a baseline design and three alternative designs using a computer-based model and benchmarking data. Price sensitivity was performed for the baseline ship, varying labor rates and productivity through a series of pairs. A presentation was provided to senior client managers, including key findings and an analysis of likely competitors for this project.
  • Weight Control Plan: Design and construction of a new class of fast containerships required rigorous weight and moment control to ensure ship performance was attained. MMC developed a new procedure for weight and moment control during design and construction. This new process translated conventional systems-based weight accounts into interim products based on the shipyard’s build strategy. This approach aligned weight estimating and reporting to current ship construction processes, allowing timely and accurate reconciliation of weight estimates with a physical weighing program. The realigned process results in real-time identification and rectification of critical weight and moment problems.
  • Containership Construction: Late delivery and technical defects following design and construction of three large containerships resulted in litigation over final contract price. MMC assisted the ship owner’s counsel in preparing a response to the shipyard’s claims for uncompensated design changes. This response included financial and schedule modeling for the project and ultimately led to a negotiated settlement that was satisfactory to both parties.
  • Ship Valuations: MMC has prepared valuation for ships in support of regulatory filings and/or sales transactions managed by attorneys. The value of three containerships was established during transfer from one US owner to another during reorganization proceedings by the seller.
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