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Other Areas ​

A consultant’s overall understanding of the maritime industry is often valuable to other segments of the market.

Maritime Management Consulting has served government, education, and equipment supplier organizations in maritime issues.

Our experience in Other Areas of the maritime industry includes:

  • Educational institutions
  • Maritime policy and regulations
  • Marine equipment suppliers
  • Maritime engineering firms
Client Work and Other Experience



  • Underwater Acoustics: For an international maritime client, MMC analyzed state-of-the-art technology and the market for underwater acoustic applications. MMC’s research included input from both educational institutions and science-driven technology firms.


    Maritime Detection and Warning Systems: MMC researched the market, technology alternatives, providers, and economics of detection and warning systems for the maritime industry.


  • College Business Game: MMC annually participates as a judge in the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition. Teams from business schools in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico meet in San Diego to present hypothetical products and business strategies for evaluation by a group of industry and academic judges.

  • Transportation Strategy: MMC participated in the development of a twenty-year strategic plan for the Department of Transportation of a developing nation. As part of the Moving South Africa team, MMC assessed intermodal transportation, unitized dry cargo movements, liquid bulk shipping, and ports infrastructure, and identified gaps between long-term objectives and current capabilities.

  • Long-range Planning: For the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, MMC developed and facilitated a major review of the academy’s long term outlook, including analysis of its markets, strengths and weaknesses, resources, and vision for the future. Numerous senior maritime executives participated in the on-site planning sessions.

  • Marine Equipment Supplier: For a major supplier of marine equipment, MMC analyzed their markets and forecasted demand by segment and product.

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